--- February 13-15, 2009 ---
9th Show of 2009
Monster Jam at the Wachovia Spectrum Philadelphia, PA

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Special Thanks to Jason Miller, Rick (Carteert, NJ) and Steven Barcklow for the pictures

Team Scream was really well represented in Philly this weekend! Chris and Rich did an awesome job! Nice wheelie, nice job in racing, and awesome runs in freestyle!

Rich did an amazing job in freestyle especially during the Saturday pm show: "After Backdraft and Brutus were unable to fill the clock due to breakage, the Rookie driver in Spike figured that he had good chance to put himself into contention to win freestyle. After a good run, and with only five seconds remaining, Rich felt that he needed something to really get the crowd up on its feet. So, for his final hit on the van stack, he let it rip! Step one was to slam the pedal to the floor, and put the truck straight up into the air. The second step was to come straight down on the rear axle, and bounce the truck up and onto the front axle. The final step to win over the fans was to gas it and bring the truck down on all four tires just before it flipped end over end. That move easily makes the highlight reel for the weekend." -Michael Williams, MonsterJam Online

Some pics of the Sunday show

Chris and Rich were both interviewd by Mike, the announcer for the show!

Other trucks at the show were: Grave Digger(Charlie Pauken), Donkey Kong (Frank Krmel), Eradicator (Andy Slifko), The Broker (Lou Antonozzi), Dominator (Kyle Chandler) and Backdraft (Jeremy Slifko)

Thanks again to Jason Miller, Rick (Carteert, NJ) and Steven Barcklow for the pictures

Brutus' freestyle Friday night / Spike's freestyle Friday night

Brutus' freestyle Sunday night

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-- ESPN 2 also had there cameras at the Jamborees.--