--- February 21, 2009 ---
11th Show of 2009
Monster Jam at the Edward Jones Dome St. Louis, MO

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St. Louis was an incredible night for Team Scream! Chris & Brutus ran incredibly well in racing. The new truck is fast and made it to the Finals! In addition, Jim had a crazy freestyle, and nobody was able to beat him! Brutus also had a great freestyle with an awesome save, and ended up being fourth. The Team had good reasons to celebrate!

"Jim Koehler continued what may be his best year since he won the World Freestyle Championship in 2003, winning the St. Louis freestyle competition in Avenger." - Scott Douglas, Monster Jam Online

"For freestyle Monster Jam officials took advantage of one of the largest floors in the sport to build the most extreme obstacles ever seen in the Jones Dome, highlighted by a double bus jump and the new step-up multi-car obstacle." Scott Douglas, Monster Jam Online

A lot of fans came to the Pit Party to get autographs and pictures!
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Jim even had the Cheerleaders cheering for Avenger!

Chris and Jim both had interviews with the Speed TV crew.

Jack in the Box was a big sponsor of the show in St. Louis. For the occasion, we had a "Jack" on the hood. He stayed on the hood throughout all racing, but fell off when the truck rolled over in freesyle. Jim was excited to participate in an event sponsorized by Jack the Box!!!

Brutus, during racing

Brutus' freestyle started wild. The truck almost rolled over on the side of the double, but Chris saved it!

Both trucks had great freestyle. Team Scream was happy to have both trucks in the top 4!

Chris' freestyle ended after a spectacular save. After jumping the double, he almost crashed the truck, but once again, saved it! The crowd was on their feet!

Once he was out of his truck, he gave a "Team Scream" type interview: Loud and crazy!

"Koehler brought out his new Avenger looking for his second TV win of the season after he opened the campaign by winning the opening freestyle of the Speed season in Minneapolis. Koehler's high energy run thrilled the crowd with amazing air and he too endoed the truck on landing after tackling the double buses, landing on his wheels and driving on but the Avenger was too damaged to continue." - Scott Douglas, Monster Jam Online

Jim was also interviewed after his freestyle, and as the Freestyle Champion. Once again, the interview was loud and exciting!!!

Other trucks at the show were: Grave Digger (Charlie Pauken), Maximum Destruction (Tom Meents), Donkey Kong (Frank Krmel), King Krunch (David Smith), Air Force Afterburner (Damon Bradshaw), Safe Auto Minimizer (Marc McDonald), Bounty Hunter (Darren Mingus), El Matador (Daron Basl) & Madusa (Madusa)

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And donít forget about the good old Television.
--SPEED CHANNEL hosts Monster Jam twice weekly, featuring all the USHRAĎs top stars including Avenger and Brutus.--
--National Geographic Channelís THRILL ZONE did a special called Monster Truck Tech a detailed look at monster trucks including interviews with Jim and some of his Crazy Freestyle from the Vermont 4x4 Jamborees.--
--Spike TVís Xtreme 4x4 caught a Wicked Crash by the Avenger at the Indy 4x4 Jamboree.--
-- ESPN 2 also had there cameras at the Jamborees.--