--- August 28, 2009 ---
Week 35
34th Show of 2009
Monster Truck show at the West End Fair Gilbert, PA

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Special Thanks to Jason Miller for the pictures of the show.

The weekend started with a display for Avenger on Thursday at a Chevy dealer.

Even if it was raining like crazy, the fans were excited to meet the drivers!

The trucks started the show pretty clean, but it did not take long before they were covered in mud!

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And donít forget about the good old Television.
--SPEED CHANNEL hosts Monster Jam twice weekly, featuring all the USHRAĎs top stars including Avenger and Brutus.--
--National Geographic Channelís THRILL ZONE did a special called Monster Truck Tech a detailed look at monster trucks including interviews with Jim and some of his Crazy Freestyle from the Vermont 4x4 Jamborees.--
--Spike TVís Xtreme 4x4 caught a Wicked Crash by the Avenger at the Indy 4x4 Jamboree.--
-- ESPN 2 also had there cameras at the Jamborees.--