--- January 18-19, 2014 ---
Monster Jam at Rogers Centre Toronto Ont. CANADA

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AVENGER: Third place in Freestyle Saturday night
with the biggest air of the weekend, and lots of damage

AVENGER: Second place in Freestyle Sunday night
once again with big air and a solid run

WRECKING CREW & SPIKE: Tied for fifth place in freestyle, and were on the hot seat for a while!

Qualifying times for Saturday: Avenger 23.00, Mega Bite 23.29, Spike 25.94 & Wrecking Crew 28.78

Freestyle scores: Avenger 24, Wrecking Crew 21, Spike 19 & Mega Bite 16

"There is no doubt that it will be a late night for the hard working crews of Maple Leaf Monster Jam as they try to piece together some very damaged Monster Jam trucks. But it is what they do best, and it is why they are known as some of the most talented mechanics in all of motor sports. We are confident they will spin the wrenches the right way as we get ready to take to the track once again Sunday at 2 PM." - Darren Pallen

And indeed, that's what we did. The crew was done working on the trucks at 8am on Sunday!

Qualifying times for Sunday: Avenger 24.29, Mega Bite 24.47, Spike 26.03 & Wrecking Crew 27.55

Freestyle scores: Avenger 24, Wrecking Crew 18, Spike 18 & Mega Bite 13

We are always happy to be back in Toronto!

The track looked awesome!

Before-after picture of when we tired the trucks up Friday night

Lots of fans came to the pit party! We had a blast.
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The fans got some Team Scream style interviews during the pit party!

Saturday night damage on Avenger

Saturday night damage on Spike

Saturday night body damage on Wrecking Crew & Sunday night driveshaft issues

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