--- January 17-18th, 2015 ---
Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour at Rogers Centre Toronto, Ontario CANADA

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Special Thanks to Tracey Gemmell for the pictures on this page

Team Scream was very excited to be back in Toronto for the Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour! On Saturday in racing, Mega Bite took a turn too tight for a great roll in round one and Northern Nightmare defeated Spike, in what was a very close race. In freestyle, both trucks delivered strong freestyle runs !

On Sunday, Mega Bite defeated Iron Outlaw and moved to 2nd round. Grave Digger defeated Spike. Unfortunately for Mega Bite, there was some issues with the truck in round 2 and Northern Nightmares took the win. In freestyle, Mega Bite did great with some sweet jumps all over the track ! Spike put on an amazing performance for the fans in Toronto with big air and good momentum !

- Saturday, Spike got a score of 27 in freestyle, and Brad was on the hot seat for a while with a solid run earning him a score of 29.
- Sunday, Mega Bite made it to round 2 in racing
- Sunday, Spike's awesome freestyle got him a score of 32 and allowed him to sit on the hot seat!

Following pictures by Tracey Gemmell

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