First quarter has started and the first show is already over ! Read Jim Koehler‘s recap from Anaheim, CA! 

Here is the recap from Anaheim from a very depressed Mr Excitement. Good news first: Brad Allen had a great night for Team Scream! I’m very happy for him. He won a round of racing, did decent in two wheel comp and had a great freestyle, landing him a fourth place! Very proud of him. Although a BKT tire got ruined and he tore the body off and it caught fire, it was still awesome!

For me on the other hand… My truck was hung in air for pit party by a giant tow truck. It looked pretty cool and the fans a pit party were great!  After that was were the fun ended for me.  We lined up for intros and  since my truck was in the air at pit party we had a few extra things to do to prep for show. While doing this, I almost missed my pre show interview, had to run what seemed like a mile to get there, but made it.

When we fired trucks for intros, I could smell something electrical burning, well it ended up being my rear steer pump motor. That’s were it all went bad! With no rear steer, I got beat first round in racing…that sucked. I raced to fix that fo the two wheel comp… but the jumps weren’t aggressive enough and track condition from rain left me with not a very good showing. But I figured freestyle would be my thing! It’s Anaheim and we always do good there…. No such luck when I started my run. The truck felt a little flat like the motor was hurt. Sure enough, after three hits it failed me, ending my night with a very poor performance by me.

I would like to apologize to all the fans in Anaheim that I let down and I hope I can be back next year to redeem myself.

That’s about it! I got a lot of work to do this week so I can try and thrill the fans in San Diego. I’ll keep you guys posted thank you for being fans!



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