Arlington, TX- 6th stop on the tour! Read Jim Koehler‘s recap ! (Photo above is an old one, thanks! )

Well Saturday in Arlington went great for Team Scream. There was a few burbs, but it went rather well.  Brad won his first round of racing but got beat by Son of a Digger second round. I had a by run, then got matched up with Max D. It was a great race, super close, but Tom got me… But I am getting faster and I hope to beat him at least once by the end of season.

In two wheel skills, Brad did good! I went for big sky wheelies. First one was good, second one was about to be awesome… but the officials shut me off mid jump, because they thought I had a broken driveshaft, which I did not. It was a starter wire that came off and sparked on frame. No biggie tho, we still have freestyle! In freestyle, Brad had an awesome run. He ended up in fourth. His back flip didn’t land, but fthe run was great. I felt like I had an awesome run going, even landed my back flip,  but I ended up in fifth position.

Team Scream had a great night as far as I am concerned. Not a lot of damage for us, but still it’s monster trucks: there’s always a lot to do!

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