Second stop on our California tour ! Read Jim Koehler‘s recap from San Diego, CA!

As you could see in my Facebook posts, the weekend started out with rain, but the weather changed to sunny for the show! That was awesome. In racing, I drew Grave Digger and he just beat me! If I could have had some practice passes to tune the new engine, I think I would have had him!!! Brad also got beat by Bounty Hunter.

I was first in 2-Wheel skills and had some nice sky wheelies, but the scores sucked! Brad had nice stop wheelie, but rolled over in the process. Then to freestyle : I was first because of my poor performance in Anaheim, due to blowing up the motor. Well I just went out there to go nuts and tear it up and that’s what I did! I had big air, some saves and some good moves! Had a crazy finish that I almost saved, but broke an axle shaft on the corner I needed to pull me out of it, so unfortunately, I didn’t get to backflip. It was a good run and scored good! I took 5th.

Brad also had a great run, with lots of good moves . He even tried the mini back flip and almost had it. He took 4th.

Overall not a bad night in San Diego… Also, the scooters you can drive around town were a blast!!!





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