Third stop on the tour! We were back in Florida!  Read Jim Koehler‘s recap from Tampa, FL!

It was great to get to warm weather! The trucks looked good and we’re running good. Friday at practice, both Brad and I had good passes with track conditions a little wet, but I knew Saturday would be different.

They hung my truck at pit party. Thanks to Stepps towing for doing a great job there, it looked way cool. Pit party was a blast and every one had a good time. Show time came and intros went smooth for everybody but Shane (Big Kahuna) new truck giving him a little wave. He made it back out for the rest of show. The truck looks amazing. We helped him work on it till 3:00 am the night before.

I was pumped for racing! I drew Justin in Megalodon and he just got me… I guess sharks do good in Florida! Hope I meet up with him in Indy, it will be like a fish out of water.

In two wheel skills, I gave the fans a couple of great sky wheelies and rode one for a bit. Ended up in seventh. Brad got third and had a great stoppy. In freestyle I had a good run going and working on making it great, but the crush cars and my BKT tires got into a fight and the cars won. I lost two BKTs that night… junked them. Managed to finish in sixth place. I really wanted to get some big air and rock an awesome backflip, but not on two wheels.

Brad had an early roll and that was the show. We loaded and rolled down the road. Got back to shop about 20 hours later. Weather is rainy but not cold thank God. I’ll keep you posted on next week’s adventure to Indy.

On a sad note, two of my friends and fellow monster truckers were seriously hurt over the weekend. Please put Scott Bryant and Roger Gauger in your prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.




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