Minneapolis, MN -5th stop on the tour already ! Read Jim Koehler‘s recap from Minny!

Recap from Saturday in Minneapolis. I was in a great mood after the pit party, the fans were great! The night started with racing. I drew El Toro Loco for the second time. Brad is very tough but since we work out of same shop, I need to beat him or it’s a week of hearing him tease me. Well I beat him – I had the better lane! Second round, Tom Meents put me in the crappy lane and he got me. One of these weeks, I’ll get him. He ended up blowing up his motor next round… but of course his motor worked perfectly racing me!!! But the amazing thing and what impressed me the most that night was how his team was able to do a motor swap in time for Tom to freestyle! That’s impressive and he won for them to show how much he appreciated their effort. Congrats to Tom and his team.

Well, back to me! 2-Wheel skills  went pretty good. I ended up in fifth. I had some pretty good sky wheelies. For freestyle I was second out and Ryan Anderson was first out due to our bad luck the week before. I told Ryan to do something cool to motivate me and he did. I went out and was rockin it and with 30 seconds left, made my way to the back flip jump hit it and landed it. I broke a steering line but didn’t care ! I had a good run and ended up in fourth place at the end of the show. Lots of fun in Minneapolis! Thank you Minny fans.

Avenger’s freestyle





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