Jim and Brad were back in Indy at the Lucas Oil Stadium for the 4th stop on the tour ! Read Jim Koehler‘s recap from Indianapolis, IN!

Sorry it took so long to write about last weekend in Indy. Let me start by saying that I am very proud of Brad’s performance this year. Fun to watch! I think this event helped me get going but two day stadiums take a toll on a team. It’s a lot of work. Saturday racing was awesome for me being in final with Tom Meents. Two wheel skills was not too bad and freestyle not too bad either, till I broke drive shaft. That started the avalanche for Sunday. I was ready, but my spare drive shaft wasn’t… It failed me in the second round of racing that I won, but couldn’t come back. I got the shaft changed  before 2-wheel skills, but with a screwed up shaft I narrowed. So I went for a sky wheelie and blew a hydraulic hose on rear steering so I figured for my second move I would do a donut since rear wheels were turned, but it was a little too tacky and over it went.


I should have took it easy in freestyle with the goofy driveshaft, but that’s not my style. Well two hits in, that sucker gave out and my night was done. I got three new shafts from CCI drivelines that are the correct length, so this weekend in Minneapolis I am ready to rock!!! I am thrashing on other little problems, but am ready and excited.


See you guys in Minneapolis!!!!
“Had a blast this weekend in one of the nicest stadiums we race in. Ended up 2nd freestyle the first night. Edge out by ryan anderson. But was able to land the first stadium mini flip. Sunday I tryed my best had some issues with the truck but we all were able to get this old bull on the track for freestyle. Taking 4th place in freestyle”- Brad Allen (Indianapolis, IN)




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