Team Scream was back in St. Louis for the 7th stop on the tour! Read Jim Koehler‘s recap !


Saturday in St. Louis was a lot of fun at first… then a short freestyle. Man I am either on or off I guess. The pit party was great and the show started awesome. I won my first round of racing against Son of a Digger to match up with Grave Digger. I gave him a run for his money, but he got me. I was fast and getting faster so next time he better watch out!

In 2-Wheel skills, I did a high sky wheelie then did another with a combo slap wheelie. I scored ok. For Sunday, I am gonna do a stoppy and see how that scores!

Freestyle: I had the makings of a great run, but the dirt grabbed me quick and threw me over on my lid hard and fast. It was to early to score big, so I’ll get to go first on Sunday. Be ready, cause I am gonna lay down some wicked stuff to start off sunday’s freestyle. Can’t wait.

As far as the other part of Team Scream on this tour, Brad rocked it out with some sweet two wheel hits and a great freestyle. In racing, he had Jimmy Creten but screwed up in the last turn, costing him the race. That’s my recap of how the show went for us!



Well Sunday was a good show for the fans to see all the trucks made it for the show. There was a lot of work to do Saturday night, but trucks were 100 percent… except for some body parts. There was a lot of wild action! Ryan Anderson was on fire. John Gordon with Bad Company pulled of a wicked back flip, Brad Allen also followed with an awesome back flip. They both had awesome freestyles.

I had a solid freestyle, but lost my front axle, so I did what I could in two wheel drive. It was a fun run and it was good but without a back flip it can only score so high. All in all, I had a great time and Team Scream did great.

Seems like me and Brad are in a battle for points, cause we are tied at the moment. I truly don’t care about points, as long as Brad and I represent Team Scream in the fashion that the fans are used to, I am cool with that. I believe we are! It’s our home town show this weekend at Ford Field and it’s gonna be INSANE!

We’re at shop gearing up for it. Hope to see you fans there!




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