What an awesome weekend for Team Scream in Wildwood !

Beach shows are always intense, require lots of work, but are soooooooo much fun ! This year was no exception ! Not only did we have a great time meeting all the fans Friday night and thoughout the whole weekend and hanging out with other teams’ crew and drivers, but we also got the honor to leave with the Beast of the Beach title !

Indeed, after an incredible weekend combining amazing freestyle runs and racing passes, Cory Rummell (Rage) was crown Beast of the Beach! Cory won racing both shows on Saturday and won freestyle Saturday morning and Sunday!

“What a great weekend! After all the points were added up, I am officially the 2018 Beast of the Beach in Wildwood, NJ. Just have to actually hit the gas to the floor and cool things happen!”  – Cory Rummell

Jim Koehler, at the wheel of its BLUE Avenger, was only 4 points behind for the title, as he won racing on Sunday and won freestyle Saturday night. Team Scream definitely dominated the beach this year!

“Jim Koehler takes away his teammates chance of being 3 for 3 as he takes this afternoon’s Wildwood Motor Events racing win! Jim tightens up the points going into freestyle for the overall Beast of the Beach title!” – TheMonsterBlog.com

Photos credit: Maass Media @ TheMonsterBlog.com

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