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Chris Koehler

Hometown: Columbus, Michigan
Birthdate: 10/19/99
Years in Monster Trucks: Since I was a kid
Favorite Food: BBQ bacon burger
Favorite Color: Orange
What is your favorite restaurant? Applebees
Is Monster Truck is your main job? Yes
Toughest Competitor: My dad
Hobbies: I enjoy playing lacrosse, hanging out with friends, and long walks on the beach
Best Advice to kids who want to become monster truck drivers: Aim high
Sentence that best describes being a monster truck driver: Living the dream
What are the 4 words that best describe you: funny, nice, chill, and relatable
Name one thing you are extremely proud of accomplishing: Just being where I am today and the road I took to make it
Career highlights? None because I just started
What is your biggest goal? Racing? Freestyle? Other?: My biggest goal is to have fun and get really good at driving
What’s your favorite stop on the tour? Las Vegas
What is your favorite vacation spot? Colorado


“History being made as the Father/Son duo of Jim Koehler and Chris Koehler take to the air in racing for the first time against each other at Monster Truck Throwdown! This 18 year old has a bright future! ” – Monster Truck Throwdown (September 2017).