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Chris Koehler

Hometown: Columbus, Michigan
Birthdate: 10/19/99
Years in Monster Trucks: Since I was a kid
Favorite Food: BBQ bacon burger
Favorite Color: Orange
What is your favorite restaurant? Applebees
Is Monster Truck is your main job? Yes
Toughest Competitor: My dad
Hobbies: I enjoy playing lacrosse, hanging out with friends, and long walks on the beach
Best Advice to kids who want to become monster truck drivers: Aim high
Sentence that best describes being a monster truck driver: Living the dream
What are the 4 words that best describe you: funny, nice, chill, and relatable
Name one thing you are extremely proud of accomplishing: Just being where I am today and the road I took to make it
Career highlights? None because I just started
What is your biggest goal? Racing? Freestyle? Other?: My biggest goal is to have fun and get really good at driving
Whatโ€™s your favorite stop on the tour? Las Vegas
What is your favorite vacation spot? Colorado


“History being made as the Father/Son duo of Jim Koehler and Chris Koehler take to the air in racing for the first time against each other at Monster Truck Throwdown! This 18 year old has a bright future! ” – Monster Truck Throwdown (September 2017).