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BODY: Fire truck theme 
CHASSIS: Custom built by Avenger Racing in 2008 (Avenger’s second chassis became Wrecking Crew and then AXE’s chassis in 2017) 
ENGINE: Blown 575 Chevrolet Big Block 
HEIGHT: 12 feet wide, 10 feet tall 
WEIGHT: 9,500 pounds 
TIRES: 66 Inch GoodYear 6 Ply Terra Tire / 66 Inch BKT tires 
SHOCKS: Nitrogen Charged Stage 2, Front 26″ and Rears 26″ 
TRANSMISSION: Coan/Bewick Turbo 400 transmission 
TRANSFER CASE: Profab Quick Change 
WHEELS: Allen Pezo racing wheels 
AXLES: Custom fabrication Rockwell F-106s

AXE’s history 

2017: The truck was launched in June 2017 ! The fan’s feedback was great!



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