After the show in San Diego, Jim Koehler had couple minutes to share a recap of how the night went for him. So here it is ! Hope you will enjoy !

We didn’t get to practice because of rain. So we set for the pit party and enjoyed the San Diego fans! I started off racing Brad in Monster Mutt and I beat him, but in the process, I broke my front ring and pinion, which means no front wheel drive. The way the building and pits are set up, there is no way to fix anything major, so you have to do what you can. I went out in two wheel competition and got fifth place. Not bad, but not as good as I wanted to do. I was supposed to go last in freestyle, but since I was broke, I asked to go earlier, so the show would end on a good note.

I gave it what I had but couldn’t do what I wanted with two wheel drive. Sorry San Diego for my poor performance. When I come back there, I owe you one! I promise I will do my best to rock it out. If any make the drive up to Anaheim, I will be ready to rock it by then and hope to redeem myself. To the fans: see you soon and thanks for the support!

Avenger getting big air in San Diego despite having only rear wheel drive
Even with only rear wheel drive Jim Koehler and Avenger had a good freestyle with plenty of big air. –


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Earlier this week, we got to visit the folks at Lucas Oil ! They have been supporting us for many years now and we couldn’t be more grateful ! Meeting the employees and their family was great ! Thank you LUCAS OIL for everything you do for us.

Trucks on display at the Lucas Oil shop
Trucks on display at the Lucas Oil shop