Here is Jim’s recap from Glendale, AZ and Houston, TX. Check it out !

I sent this review a little late, but it’s ok ! It started on Thursday, when we got to our display at Metro PCS. The fans there were great and I had a good time. I left there pumped for the show! Friday, we had practice. Everything went well! I had Megalodon for first pair in practice and we were close at the finish line. So that night, I made a gear and fuel change, trying to be faster. I am sure it would have worked on Saturday, but I screwed up and Alex won. So we had two wheel competion next and I was first. I tried to do a popper, but blew reverse in the transmission, since I still had forward, I did a sky wheelie on 8 pack and flipped over backwards… not my night.
Pulled off the track and Grave Digger’s crew already had my spare transmission in pits and ready. However, I decided not to change it for fear we wouldn’t finish in time and then I’d  miss freestyle. I still had forward gears, so the only thing I had to do was to just keep rocking forward and I would be good. I was last to freestyle, because I won last week in Anaheim. My run started slow, but I soon picked it up. It felt pretty good, so at the end I went to backflip and went too fast at the jump and went straight up then straight down on nose. Horrible nose pick, then over rotated ending on my lid. It wasn’t enough to win, bummer. The truck was hurt bad enough to make us drive back to Michigan to fix it. (Over 2 000 miles away) Heck of a week.

Houston, TX

We got Avenger fixed and we were back on the road to go to Houston (over 1 300 miles away) for our first two day stadium show of 2018. I was excited, the truck was 100%. Practice went great and I had Exterminator first round. I don’t know how, but JR beat me! Good job JR! So for two wheel I tried for huge skywheelie but over did it and flipped backwards… so far another crappy show for me. To top off the night, when it was my turn to freestyle, the transmission had no forward gears. I hated life that night. But with my positive outlook, I could redeem myself Sunday. I had Jester first round. It was a good race and I crossed finish line first, but got a penalty so Matt got the win. He’s fast and tough to beat. In two wheel, I felt I was gonna give two great sky wheelies and I did. I even rode one a bit. It felt good.
Since I did crappy on Saturday, I was first to freestyle. I was excited and had a plan… but wasn’t meant to be rolled early on an easy saveable two wheel ride. The motor shut off on me and it fell to the roof. Bummer!  The freestyle show was filled with excitement like Shane’s back to back backflips in Big Kahuna. Also, Brad got big air, but broke his spindle off. I watched and wished I could of done better. I got my opportunity, since I was able to encore at end of show. Didn’t count for points, but it was for the fans and me to enjoy a little more monster trucks! I hammered some big air and had fun ending the night on a good note.
Now off to Miami. Hope I can write a great review about those shows. We will see. Wish me luck! Thanks for being fans.
Jim Koehler