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2018 will be a great year for Team Scream Racing and Jim Koehler

2017 was a great year for Team Scream Racing! Avenger‘s 20th anniversary, amazing results at the Word Finals for Jim Koehler who on top of debuting a brand new chassis got third place both in racing and freestyle (WOW!!!) RAGE who also made it to Las Vegas for the Double Down Showdown. Lots of different wins for everyone in the team during the whole season… The unveiling of AXE’s monster truck… let’s say we were very excited with everything that have been going on!  Continue reading

2017 Results for Team Scream Racing: Avenger, Brutus, Rage, Wrecking Crew & AXE

We tried to compile our 2017 results. Some of them might be missing, but it is a pretty accurate representation of our 2017 season ! Even if we are proud of every win or every trophy we get throughout the year, our real recognition comes from all the fans who come to every shows, whether it’s in Canada or all over United States. Thank you for supporting us. You are the reason why we are doing what we do!   Continue reading

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